Revealing my Jack Chi’s dirty secret!

Birdy as of today March 2, 2013 looking innocent.

Birdy as of today March 2, 2013 looking innocent.

For those of you who have been keeping up with my experience with my adopted dog, “Birdy” you already know I have no experience with dogs or for that matter any living creature. I have never owned a pet and have no idea what I’m doing! I hate the smell of a dog, the fur shedding but all in all I’ve come to love the mutt.

I adopted “Birdy” back in September 2012 from my local Humane Society. They said she was a Chihuahua Mix and now I am certain she is a Jack Russell with a good bit of Chihuahua genes in her. I’m beginning to think that is a dangerous mix!  They refer to this breed as Jack Chi and if you Google that name you will find a lot of information, all the pros and cons of owning one of these, ummm, mutts and I can promise you “Birdy” displays the behaviors of both breeds and more! Her name was given to her by the Humane Society and I decided to keep it. I’ve had a lot of people ask, “Where in the world did you come up with that name?”.

Ok, to be fair to Birdy, she did come from an abusive, previous owner and was found wandering the streets and considered a stray. The little dog has been through a lot. I suspect by the time I got her she was very close to being euthanized. I was told three different people said they would return to the Humane Society and adopt her but they were never heard from again.

When I brought her home it took a while to earn her trust. I could tell she had been trained and I was often surprised at how smart she was. Right away though the fight for who was going to be “leader of the pack” began. Now keep in mind not only do we have a Jack Russell full of energy who would “fly” instead of “run”, “bounce” instead of “jump” (well that too) and from the Chihuahua she has those big bulging eyes that seem to be filled with all kinds of emotions but worse they can tear up with a hurt or sad look. She has big ears that stand straight up and a overbite that gives her the appearance of a lop-sided grin. If she REALLY likes you she will often wink an eye and smile at you from cheek to cheek! I swear this is the truth folks!

On Christmas Eve she was hospitalized for five days with Parvo and only had a slim chance of survival. With the expertise of five Vets she survived and then again, God crossed mine and Birdy’s paths for a reason and he wasn’t about to let her go just yet. She is doing great now gaining weight with that incredible energy having return.  Currently she is being checked for liver and gall bladder problems but I feel good all will be well.

Okay, lets shorten this story down a bit and get to “Birdy’s” deep dark ugly secret. If you have a weak stomach you might want to stop reading.

I had the day off from work yesterday so when Bird came whining to me wanting to go out we went for the outdoors. While I watched her do her business from a distance, she backed up, scratched the grass in the opposite direction of the poop (that was a bit unusual) and then began to graze on some clover near the poop (or at least that is what I thought). A few hours later, same routine, only this time while I’m standing at the door waiting for her, she is just a few feet away. She goes in circles (normal pattern, no problem), stops and out pops the poop and now I’m waiting for her to do the usual “walk away and scratch the grass towards her droppings.”  Well guess what, she sniffs (she’s always been a bit “nosy”) the stuff and I suppose she liked what she smelled and decided to have a snack! I’m standing their like an idiot with my jaw hanging and speechless for a few seconds …….then I turn into a madman, literally, the only thing I wasn’t doing was foaming from the mouth! I yelled at her to “leave it”, “stop” and a few other choice words while she looks up licking her chops (it was taking all my reserves not to throw-up) and comes running up to me. As I ranted and raved at her, she went flat on her stomach crawling away. Once inside I roughly combed her down and gave her a bath, scrubbing her down, still trying not to lose my temper (I was more shocked than angry). After a good wash (like that was going to make a difference) I dried her off and then without being told she went to her safe house (carrier) cowering down for the night.  I called my sister and tell her I was ready to kill Birdy (just kidding folks, I would not harm that little dog for the world) and thank God I never allowed her to lick my face or anywhere near my mouth. My sis knows me well as does my neighbor Ian who I texted while he is on a camping trip. Neither seemed surprised and said they have seen dogs do this before and it was like, “Calm down Bubba, it’s not the end of the world.” It took all I had to look Birdy in the eyes and feed her breakfast before we headed off to the Vet for her blood test. When I saw the Vet Tech I think I was on the edge of a breakdown as I retold my story.  Again, neither she nor the Vet seemed surprised. The Vet calmly said, “No problem. I’ve got something you can put in her food that should take care of it.” With Birdy lying beside me, with her head on my lap, she looks up and gives me that lop-sided grin of hers!

Still a bit "shocked" by Birdy's behavior.

Still a bit “shocked” by Birdy’s behavior.

As I type this Bird and I are back on good terms and I watch her like a hawk when she has to do her “business”.  Her behaviors have been fairly normal as she sniffs and walks away. I got to thinking, “what does a dog do most often? Why they lick their bottoms to clean it” so if Birdy took a hankering to have a snack, well maybe I should forgive her. One things for sure, there is no way I will ever let her lick my face. If she burps I hope she will do it far from me!

3/03/2012Postscript Update: I did a bit of research on the internet and someone suggested mixing a bit of spinach in your dog’s food. Just before taking Birdy to the Vet I mixed about a teaspoon of canned spinach in her dog food and as expected she wolfed it down…..Birdy will eat anything…hummm, well I guess that has already been proven. Good news, I have been using 1/4 of a packet per day of a white powder like substance the Vet gave me called “For-bid”,  mixed in Birdy’s food. Ever since I gave her the spinach and now the “For-bid”, she will run in her circle, poop, scratch the grass toward it and lo and behold she doesn’t even take a sniff but runs from it as fast as her paws will allow 🙂 I’m hoping I caught her “dirty little secret” before it became a habit!


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It DOES Pay To Have Pet Insurance!

A short time after Birdy came home from the hospital. She was just skin and bones.

A short time after Birdy came home from the hospital. She was just skin and bones.

“I received the check in the mail today from Petplan Pet Insurance. Now I can pay off Birdy’s hospital bill. God is good and there are too many people for me to thank here. Birdy’s primary Vet and the Vet Techs at the Animal Emergency Hospital AND Petplan Pet Insurance played a big part in saving my little dog’s life. For some odd reason I felt the need to take out health insurance coverage from Petplan Pet Insurance (the most affordable) less than a month after her adoption from my local Humane Society. She is a jewel and has become a great part of my life. The Jack Russell in her has her flying, almost literally, through the house. She is without a doubt now at the peak of good health. On Christmas Eve that little ball of energy nearly lost her life from the parvovirus and boy did she suffer! When the hospital begin to climb the more worried I became and was about to make the decision to have her put to sleep but I think there was still a grain of hope the insurance would come through even though I knew deep down it was like human health insurance, it was a gamble and no one could be sure if the insurance would pay. However, not once did I regret paying the $316 for the first year of coverage.Do I now recommend Petplan? You bet I do! Why? Had I not had this coverage I would have eather had to have Birdy put to sleep or I would be paying on my credit card for a good long time. Does Petplan care….well you be the judge. Would you do me a favor please, let Petplan know “James and Birdy” sent you to them. There is nothing in it for Birdy and I other than to hope you can afford to purchase their coverage and to hope if you do have to make a claim it will be approved and help to save your pet’s life. Ask yourself this question, do you love your pet enough to try and save his or her life, no matter what it may cost? If the answer is yes then by all means, get the insurance!

I sent this in an email to Petplan tonight:

“Dear Petplan:

I can’t thank you all enough and just know you will always have our appreciation. Birdy’s life depended on your coverage. I am letting my Vet and the Animal Emergency Hospital know how very important it is for their patrons to have your insurance. Please see enclosed picture of Birdy and I. I hate having pictures taken of myself but for you….I had to find a way to thank you all since Birdy and I can’t be there in person!”

This picture just taken today with a heart felt message to Petplan from Birdy and I.

This picture just taken today with a heart felt message to Petplan from Birdy and I.

 James Davis and “Birdy”
Fort Pierce FL USA

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Is Pet Insurance Worth The Gamble?

Birdy with her new toys since her old ones had to be thrown away due to being contaminated by the parvo. The elephant is one of her favorites as it has big ears like her!

Birdy with her new toys since her old ones had to be thrown away due to being contaminated by the parvo. The elephant is one of her favorites as it has big ears like her!

I came home from work today with good news from Birdy’s insurance company. A lady from Petplan Pet Insurance left a voice message on my phone stating my claim was being processed by their accounting department and they were cutting me a check for over $5,000 dollars which will pay the credit card I had to use to save Birdy’s life when she had to stay in the animal emergency hospital taking heavy doses of antibiotics, having blood transfusions, enduring isolation (they did let me see her everyday through a glass window), given oxygen, feed through IV, etc.

I’m not sure to this day why I adopted Birdy and even more surprising why I took out the Pet Insurance since she appeared healthy and had all her shots but just a few months later the roof fell in on us.

As for the Parvo Virus, before Birdy came down with it I had never heard of such a thing. It strikes fast and the suffering your pet can go through is the worse I have ever seen and their chances of survival are very slim. After two days in the animal hospital I was about to have her put to sleep because the bill was growing fast and I knew it was getting to the limit of what I could afford plus nothing should have to suffer the way she was suffering. One thing for sure the hospital, vets and staff did all they could to make her comfortable.

Those eyes are hard for me to resist. Yes, her pawnails are long but she finally got them cut by her favorite vet a few days later. She actually holds her paws out to him while she calmly watches him clip them.

For those of you wanting to adopt a pet, keep in mind it will take commitment and they will need a lot of care, just like a real human. My advice to anyone reading this, the best thing you could do is scrap up enough money to take out pet health insurance. Yes it can be a gamble not knowing if they will cover the illness but then again isn’t that the same for our own health insurance?

Go to “Petplan” website (they will have me as a customer for as long as Birdy is alive) and check out what they offer because I can assure you it is affordable and worth every penny.

As for Birdy, I had been told she was a Chihuahua Mix but as it turns out she is a JackCha which is a Jack Russell and Chihuahua but my little dog is more Jack Russell. Full of energy, loving, smart and is crazy about chasing after squirrels and love everyone who comes near her! Birdy may be a pain in the behind sometimes but I can be too so she’s just paying me back I suppose 🙂

By the way, if you decide to take out a policy with Petplan for your pet I hope you will tell them that James Davis and “Birdy” of Fort Pierce FL recommended them to you. It is only my way of letting them know how much their honesty is appreciated.

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Adopting a Chihuahua from an Animal Shelter

This is Birdy with her caretaker at the Humane Society. I suspect this was taken shortly before adoption.

If reading about taking on, for the first time,  the responsibility of owning and training a dog bores you, then please read no further.

I have never owned a pet. Sure I have given it some thought but never really followed through with it because it was just that, “a thought”. Lately it has taken all my reserves to take care of myself much less taking on the responsibility of a dog. Thursday August 2, 2012 at work the thought of getting a dog hit me again but by the time I got home I knew it wasn’t a good idea and forgot about it.

The following day, on Friday morning, August 3, 2012, my day off, I awakened about 5:30 AM and suddenly I had the thought, “You got to go to the Humane Society TODAY!” I knew it was early so I went to their website, with no intention of getting a dog, I would just go visit the place. From the pictures of the dogs up for adoption, none caught my attention. At 11:00 AM I arrived at the Humane Society, asked the women at the desk if I could look at the dogs up for adoption and she directed me to the back where sections A, B and C were located. All I could hear was dogs barking and a smell I hate, DOG SMELL! All I could think about was the smell, the shedding of hair, poop and pee, the expense and responsibility of owning a dog. The con’s outweighed the pro’s and as far as I was concerned I had been all talk when it came to actually getting a pet.  I had forgotten about the scripture from the Book of James, not the exact words but, “If you talk the talk you must walk the walk.” Ok, so maybe that is why I was called to visit the place.I began to walk down the aisle in Section B and figured that was as far as I would go and would leave. Most dogs bark and run from me when they see my crutches. I suppose they see them as a kind of threat/weapon.  I walked slowly down the aisle looking from left to right and just as I knew they would, the dogs barked at me and either charged to the front of their cages or backed away as I went by. Most looked at me like I would make a good before lunch snack!

I stopped at cage B-3 and there sitting silently on the concrete floor, in a corner was a little dog with huge ears and big beautiful eyes…….only the eyes reflected what I felt was sadness, hurt and hopelessness. I began reading the sign on her cage and it said her name was Birdy, she was a Chihuahua, a year old and housebroken. Also she was spayed the day before…..but I knew….no I felt…this was not the reason for her silence and huddling in a corner. I pushed all this to the back of my mind and said to myself, “Bubba keep walking and then get the heck out of here.”

I observed the rest of the dogs as I walked slowly down the aisle. Just as I was about to get out of the door, I stopped suddenly at cage B-3. Birdy walked over, took a bite from her food bowl and then stuck her nose outside her cage looking at me with those sad eyes. She slowly turned and went to her corner not looking my way. Her caretaker walked up to me and I asked her if she acted this way because she had been spayed the day before. She said, “No, she has always been like this. Timid and withdrawn. We got her as a stray.” Burdy was skinny as a rail and all you could see was those great big ears and sad eyes that mirrored so much. I knew then and there she had at one time been severely abused and then it hit me! It was like a soundless voice saying, “Bubba she is for you and you for her. Take her home with you.” Birdy and I were taken to the “play area”. She came right to me and never once flinched when my crutches moved and as we walked side by side, she kept her distance from my feet and crutches so as not to trip me.

Birdy asleep on her new bed on the first night of her adoption.

An hour later, I had signed the adoption papers and Birdy became my responsibility. As I was driving home and she layed quietly on the passenger seat, I thought, “Oh sheesh, what have I gotten myself into. I can’t stand dog smell, my carpet is new and what if she pees and poops on it, dog hair will be on everything, blah, blah, blah….on and on the thoughts went. Below is a kind of journal I have kept up with for our first week together. I keep it to remind me of her progress, if any and reminders of the care she has been given and will need.




08/03/2012Friday Adopted Birdy from SLC Humane Society Birdy is a Chihuahua mix, short hair and I was told she was a stray. She is a year old and spayed on Aug. 2, 2012. She is very skinny with backbone and ribs showing.   Quiet with no barking or whining. Obeys command of “stay” and appears to be trained for leash. Always stayes safe distance from me for prevention of   causing me to stumble and is not threatened by my crutches and never gets close when I’m walking, only when I’m standing still or sitting. Seems to love to ride sitting in passenger seat of car. I was given worm pill for Aug. 23, 2012, a leash, collar with bell, dry dog food, shampoo and an owner “chip”  was inplanted in left front shoulder area.
08/03/2012 Purchased cans of Pedigree dog food and told to mix with dry food   also a dog bed, toy and expandable leash along with “treats” and a potty pad. Feed twice and peed on potty pad twice. Slept through the night by my bed quietly through night but was often licking paws.
08/04/2012Saturday Housetraining and routine of eating times. Morning put on leash and walked her in yard. Did not use bathroom.   Peed on porch and pooped. Told to “stay” on porch when I went inside front door.   She go through door only if I a say, “Come On”.   Feed her at 6:30AM, 12:00 Noon and 6:30PM. Gave her treats and found she did  not like bacon flavor. Went to bed allowing her to sleep in my room. Was   favoring her paws constantly licking or lifting a leg, paw off floor or ground.  No padding on bottom of paws,  raw looking with scabs. Also scabs appear on her left side where she had   been shaved for spay surgery.
08/05/2012Sunday Housetraining and routine of eating. Bought “crate” with “padding”   for inside, a toy and chicken flavor Hertz treats. Awaken at 5:30AM. Threw up on bedroom carpet in four places. Peed  between carpet and bathroom tile, pooped (firm stool, thank God) from hall to front  door on new carpet. She did not follow me as I cleaned up. Placed leash on her pointing out each area she pooped, threwup and peed at and firmly said “bad” and then let her outside and attached leash to screen door. Did this through the day and allowed her  to stay on porch and began training her to use a crate as she is no longer allowed to sleep in my room or have freedom to walk around in the house alone. Pooped once outside  out of my sight, peed on padding but began to miss and would hit floor with pee puddles on porch or carpet. Feed three times daily at same time. Cut down on amount of food due to her having thrown during night.  Three table spoons of dry food and one table-spoon of soft can food mashed  and mixed in dry. Will continue to feed three times daily same time every day.  Placed treats in  crate and she appeared comfortable with it. I call it her “safe space”. Left door open but always kept her in my sight. At bedtime I placed treats in back of crate (while she is out on porch) and when brought  in from porch she would go in and I would close door. No problem, she ate treats and we both had a good night sleep. Continued to favor her paws   licking on them constantly. Earlier in day had given her bath with damp washcloth. Humane Society said she could not have normal bath for two weeks.
08/06/2012Monday Housetraining and routine of eating and staying in “crate”.Made appointment for her to see a new vet set for 3:00 PM Friday. My first day leaving her home alone while I worked. Routine began. 5:30AM put on leash and let outside with leash attached to screen door. 20 minutes later allowed to stay on porch while I showered and dressed for work. Went   out to porch 6:20AM. Used potty on porch floor peeing and pooping. Pointed and said “bad”. Allowed her to come in and put down food and fresh water. She ate quickly (always does) and drank a bit of water. Had placed two small pieces of treat in  back of “crate” which she could smell and walked in cage while I closed and locked door. Praised her and left for work. Came home for lunch. Placed on leash connected to screen door. Looked out front door. She pooped! Brought her in to eat, had hidden treats in back of crate. She went in freely and I  closed door. Came home around 4:30PM. Let her out by walking her on leash,   she peed and I praised her but she would not poop. Left on porch for a while and  she pooped and peed on floor.  Kept to same routine as previous night but allowed her to stay on leash attached to door staying outside for about 30 minutes.
08/7-8/2012Tues. /Wed. Housetraining and routine of eating and staying in “crate”. Same routine as previous days. Began scratching and continued licking her feet obsessively. By this time I seriously thought she had an OCD (do they give dogs prozac…sheesh). Could hear her whining in crate. She was licking her lower belly and trembling and I thought maybe it was the area where she had been spayed and it was itching   from healing. She began to potty for me outside in my presence. Would praise her afterward and give her a treat.  Followed same night routine but allowed her to play longer in living room with toy and allowed her to explore house only if I could see her. Also gave her more attention.
08/09/2012Thursday Housetraining and routine of eating and staying in “crate”. We followed same routine but I was having very bad day at work. Throughout the day my depression and anxiety increased. I also was sure I would need to return Birdy to Humane Society. For her own good I knew I had to give her up as I could not give her the care and attention she deserved. My physical, mental   and psychological problems would not allow me to give her my all but it was mainly due to my physical limitations of being able to walk her daily and  give her more attention.  My “Baby   Girl” as I have begun to call her has taken a piece of my heart. The thought of uprooting her again after what was a likely horrible experience for her with her last owner was weighing heavily on me. Co-workers were   adding job responsibilities on me faster than I could keep up. They were also letting me know next week would be very busy for me since I had to take on my  old stressful responsibilities since the person who took them on would be on   FMLA for a week or two. My supervisor said my work schedule would have to return to normal unless I renewed my prescription to accommodate me to come in earlier and leaving earlier due to my physical and mental fatigue. When I  got home I did something unusual…. I allowed Birdy to go outside without a  leash. I sat on step while she wondered around in the yard and before I knew  it she peed AND pooped! She walked up to me with those great big eyes looking  at me with excitement and those big ears standing straight out. My “Baby Girl”   did me proud and I knew there would no longer have to be a leash for when she is home.  I began to have my doubts of  giving her up. Other than that, our nightly routine stayed the same. She loves people and never barks at them.
08/10/2012 Housetraining and routine of eating and staying in “crate”.  Decision making time, do I give her up? Vets   appointment at 3:00 PM. Once again I let Birdy out with no leash. I sat on step as she roamed  the yard. She pooped, peed and visited with Daryl. She   used the bathroom each time I let her out. Gave her a bath with damp rag since Humane Society advised I not give her a bath for 14 days. Through the day I did not think about giving her up but concentrated on how well she was   doing and her appointment with the Vet. We left for the appointment with leash and Birdy on the passenger seat. I have learned she loves to ride. I had a hard time getting her through the door to the vets and no matter how hard I pulled  on her leash, she wouldn’t budge. Finally a FED-EX man came along and gave her a nudge from behind. It took her awhile to get used the environment and she stuck to me   like glue! Her examination went well but the vet informed me her paws were extremely   damaged by what appeared to have been from some type of chemical that ate away the padding of her paws. She had a blister on one of her hind paws. He said it appeared she had been healing from the damage of the chemical as he saw dried flaky scabs on her side where she had been shaved for when she was spayed.  It appears more and more Birdy had been severely abused before she was found by the Humane Society. The vet said it was okay to give her a full bath tomorrow. When I got her home I sat on the couch with her and  a towel in my lap. As I sprayed her paws with the medication the vet gave me, she tried mightily to pull away from me as it must have burned and been very painful. She finally settled down after whining and crying. She stood on her hind legs on the towel next to me. She laid her head against my chest  and her top paws on my arm without moving for about 20 minutes. I found myself becoming really angry with whoever could have been cruel enough to   abuse this little dog.
08/11/2012Saturday Housetraining and routine of eating,  administering meds and later a full bath Tried to get her to go out and potty as usual this morning but she refused. I left her on the porch while I fixed her meal. When I returned she had pooped and peed on the porch floor. I used a firm voice and said “no” as she began to poop again but she paid little attention to me.  I cleaned up the mess and without speaking   walked out onto the grass with her.  After a few minutes she peed and I praised her as she wagged her tail and looked at me with a grin (front teeth showing).
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Depression and a Message From the Author of “The Blue Veil”

I would like to bring this post from Leigh to my reader’s attention. I have emailed her that I would post this message from her editing out what I felt may have been directed personally toward me. At this time (August 10, 2012) I will make a post soon to update on what has been happening with me these past few months. It has been alot and I hope I don’t bore you with all I will have to say…..but then again it is more of an outlet for me but it is also my greatest hope that maybe I will say something that might just help you, that in itself would be my greatest reward! -Bubba-

My email response to Leigh:

Dear Leigh,
Please forgive me for the long delay in replying to your message on my blog. Due to the severity of my physical and mental fatigue and the psychological challenge I deal with from day to day (caused mostly from the post-polio symptoms) it is difficult for me at times to post and keep up my blog. Today a feel a bit stronger and will post your message with a bit of editing on parts that maybe confidential, that is sections you may have meant for only me. I will do all I can to help you in whatever way I can.
I have openly admitted not only on the Internet but also to family, friends, co-works and my physicians regarding my depression and social anxiety. It is important for me to let people who know me know the truth, not matter the consequences. Also my blog it meant as a kind of “outlet” for me but most of all I hope that my experiences can help others in a positive way.
There continues to be a stigmatism against people with depression and other psychological problems. I try not to let it bother me as I am not ashamed of my diagnosis nor that I see a Psychiatrist on a regular basis. I think it is dangerous to hold secrets or truths about ourselves because it can often eat away at us like a cancer. In the beginning, less than 16 months ago I didn’t really know what was wrong with me. I only knew that the post-polio was taking a turn towards the worse, I became more anxious at work due to stress and dealing with people I didn’t know. I was become more self-conscious of my physical disability, my forgetfulness, slowness in comprehension, etc. Finally it came to a head and I tried to end my life.
Since that time I have accepted my limitations and deal with them with them as best I can. Yes, the medications my psychiatrist has prescribed, my stubbornness to keep working even though my body is telling me to stop, my acceptance of my Social Anxiety and Depression has helped me to function better in my daily life and to take it one day at a time.
I am going to try and update my blog today with a bit of your info and also to write and update on what has been going on with me in the last few months.
Long story short, just let me know what I can do for you and if I can I will.
“To Thine Own Self Be True!”


Dear Bubba,

My name is Leigh. Your exceptional blog deals with your life, smoking, depression awareness and I know you are familiar with the importance of mental health. It is for these reasons that I contact you today.

I am ‘every woman’, the girl next door and the one you never would have suspected, however, for years I have been struggling with depression. I have written a book about my experiences entitled “The Blue Veil”.

Through this book, it is my aim to reduce the stigma of depression by increasing awareness of the issue. I am donating a large percentage of the proceeds to 15 carefully chosen mental health awareness organizations worldwide.  I have provided the list of these organizations at the end of this email.

This is where you come in.  I am organizing a 2 month long online book release campaign, structured around various depression awareness weeks around the world. It will be from July 1st to August 31st. My request is, during this period of time would you be willing to host me on your blog for a few days of those months? This can be carried out in a few ways: -I would send you a couple/few articles that talk about my book and of course depression awareness. You would post these articles on your blog over a few days during those months (letting me know which days you will choose) OR -You could write your own prose about “The Blue Veil” and depression awareness and post these articles on your blog over the course of the  months (letting me know which days you will choose).

More on “The Blue Veil”: Up to 58 MILLION suffer from it in the US alone, and VERY FEW talk about it. Is it your friend, colleague or neighbor? Now, finally, ‘The Blue Veil’ brings a modern, raw account of depression.   Read it and understand your loved ones better.  Be assured that no one is alone.

“Leigh has everything going for her when the unthinkable happens. She loses control of her own emotions and everything in her life begins to slip away. With a marriage strained to the brink, the loss of her father, fertility issues and the loss of her job, will Leigh be able to move beyond The Blue Veil and take back control of her future?“

Thanks so much for your consideration and efforts. I understand that you are  busy, so I wanted to express my sincere gratitude. It is with great respect for you and your blog that I write this email and it would mean so much to me to have your readers aware of my efforts.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions regarding my request.

Sincerely yours,


Twitter: FB Page The Blue Veil

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