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Haven’t posted in a good while.

Finally got back to this blog and couldn’t believe it had been so long since I last made a post.

I am now using WordPress to rebuild my web-site of many years, “Polio Survivors in the 21st Century“. At the time of this post the site is still out there but I have no way of getting into it. I still own the domain name and have a new host so the current website will soon disappear.


I am doing my best to create a new one but there is a lot I have to learn as technology advances faster than I can keep up with. Things happen for a reason and I suppose I am pass due to brush up on my skills! I may even be able to attach this Blog to the new website… huh?

The picture here is of me and Birdy about 2 yrs ago.

Birdy’s doing great. She is putting on some weight and still thinks she is boss!

Y’all take care and thanks for following me. Hopefully I will soon be making more posts but for now building my new webpage takes priority.

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